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Hands on with Windows Live Movie Maker

21 minutes, 2 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

As of today, Windows Live Movie Maker is officially out of beta and available to download for FREE as part of the Windows Live Essentials suite.

Victor Santodomingo, Windows Live Movie Maker Engine Development Lead, joined me in the studio to demonstrate the new Movie Maker in action and to discuss how his team developed a brand new engine that processes in 3D space to take advantage of Direct X capabilities and GPU effects.

If you have any comments or questions about the new Windows Live Movie Maker please leave then in the comments section below and we will follow up with Victor and his team. 

More Info: http://windowslive.com/Desktop/MovieMaker
More Info: http://windowslivewire.spaces.live.com/
Download: http://download.live.com


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  • Tomasz Wisniewskiwisnia Tomasz Wisniewski

    Great to see WLMM progress so much! I think I'll be using it a lot in the near future - have to catch up with postproduction of my user group meeting videos Smiley


    "August of... eee...yyy..." - great moment Tongue Out

  • Wow,  download.live.com goes to http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/messenger/default.mspx for me Sad

  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    Odd... are you... on a Mac? Smiley

  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!

    I've got a music track on top of the audio of a video, how do I control the volume of either one... ie, how do I adjust the audio of the video... and how do I control the volume of the music track?

  • if you click on the video, the videos tab would be visible. The first control in the tab is the video volume. Similarly, if you are under an audio or selected an audio, the audio tab will be visible and it has a volume control. The video, audio, text are contextual tabs. Meaning they will be visible if there is a video, audio or text at the current playhead position.

  • Is it possible to change the preview and clip orientation so that the clips show below the preview, similar to "film strip" Explorer view?

  • No, but I did spoof Google Chrome to appear as if I am on a mac. That is certainly why.


    chrome.exe -user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_5_7; en-us) AppleWebKit/530.19.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.2 Safari/530.19


    Reason being, my school uses Outlook Live, and Exchange 2010 only supports the full experience on Safari on the Mac. Kinda lame. It works perfectly fine in Chrome on Windows. The things I have to do to use the browser I want...

  • Dean Corcoranpokeystuff www.​PokeyStuff.​com

    What a great demo.. shows us the features and how to use it.. and also goes into the backend and tells us about the engine.

    WLMM look like a great piece of work from both a usability and engineering perspective.. I will be testing this out very soon... and telling everyone about it. Thanks guys.

  • dahatdahat inanity makes my head hurt

    I've not watched the video... but did DL the final version... very impressive, especially comapred to the earlier betas.


    Only time will tell if I quit using Expression Encoder instead of Movie Maker for basic editing jobs.

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    new version looks awsome Smiley there is one thing i'd really change though.. the video is horizontally aligned to the top of the window.. When i expand a ribbon group like the transitions for example, it covers the preview video Sad and again because its top aligned, resizing the window doesnt help.  on a high res monitor the bottom part of the screen is completly unused..


    also, perhpas a minor detail but it would be cool to be able to set a point to zoom to in the Pan and zoom, and also be able to set the amount of zoom.. Smiley

  • Luciano Evaristo GuercheguercheLE guerchele

    Does Windows Live Movie Maker encode using h264, mp4, expression encoder, etc.? Does it embed the encoded video into a silverlight player in case user wants it to (for videos encoded using expression encoder)?

  • Go Victor!  I'm sure if you were involved in the project, it will be a significant improvement over the last version.  Give iLife products a run for their money.

  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...

    Nice work.  Downloaded and started using.  It does make things quicker.  I was also struck how snappy it felt, even on my old laptop.  Clicking stuff stopped what ever was going on quickly and moved to new thing as expected.  Could not figure out how to remove system movie maker as I don't need both.  Second, I can appreciate the easy factor, however, even for simple videos, I would have a need for multiple sound tracks.  1 voice over and 1 background music track above any sound that may or may not be in a video would seem a common need and ability to mix levels between any of them.  Also don't see any way to record a voice over (i.e.Narrate) as was possible with Windows Movie Maker.

  • PeterFPeterF Aragon IT

    Congratulations with the release!

    Too bad I can't use it yet, the Canon 5D Mark II generates H264 HD 30fps mov files, but I haven't found a codec yet which is supported by Move Maker. Expression Encoder 3 does support it using the Cineform Neo Player codec, but it really lacks a rotate by 90 degrees function.

    Anyway, I'm hoping that either Canon will release a compatible codec or Move Maker could support this variation of the H264 codec Smiley




  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    @staceyw & @PeterF Great questions - have forwarded them onto the WLMM team and will let you know when I hear back.


    Incidentally I have a 5D Mark II as well and am keen to get the video files working with WLMM

  • PeterFPeterF Aragon IT

    It's a nice camera, isn't it Wink

    I was looking for a link to a sample video file, but I guess that's not needed now!

    Let's hope it's a small compatibility issue that can be resolved easily.


    Thanks for the heads up.


  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    I should have mentioned I haven't actually tried importing 5D Mark II videos into WLMM yet - I might try when I get home tonight just in case.


    And yes the camera is amazing! Love it! Smiley 

  • Looks nice. I'm going to try it tomorrow.


    The way the timeline is displayed is actually quite a good use a space compared to the regular horizontal timeline at the bottom of the screen we're used to using.

  • "also, perhaps a minor detail but it would be cool to be able to set a point to zoom to in the Pan and zoom, and also be able to set the amount of zoom.."


    One of the best free products Microsoft ever released was Photostory 3. It has the ability to select a point and a zoom level at which to start and end. It's a great feature that I'm hoping to see in WLMM.

    Creating automovies is fine but I usually want to choose where the pan or zoom starts and ends because you really can't trust software to make the most creative choice all the time.

  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...

    Can the 5D stream the video live over the HDMI port?  It says it have Live View, but not sure what that is same thing.  tia

  • PeterFPeterF Aragon IT

    hi Stacey


    Actually it can do that. So what would I need to capture it?

    Live view is just a marketing term for being able to display to the LCD in stead of having to look through the viewfinder, something any cheaper compact can already do for years Wink


  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    OK people I have some answers to your questions from Victor and team.


    Q1: Does Windows Live Movie Maker encode using h264, mp4, expression encoder, etc.? Does it embed the encoded video into a silverlight player in case user wants it to (for videos encoded using expression encoder)?

    A: Currently, the only supported encode format is WMV.


    Q2: I've got a music track on top of the audio of a video, how do I control the volume of either one... ie, how do I adjust the audio of the video... and how do I control the volume of the music track?

    A: The Video Tools and Music Tools tabs have volume controls for the respective tracks.


    Q3: Is it possible to change the preview and clip orientation so that the clips show below the preview, similar to "film strip" Explorer view?

    A: Interesting suggestion, but not supported in this version.


    Q4: How do I uninstall the old Windows Movie Maker (XP/Vista etc.)?

    A: No official way to uninstall the old Windows Movie Maker via control panel, however Bing search will reveal some user-contributed suggestions.


    Q5: Can I have a background audio track AND narration that I add using a microphone? If so how do I do this?

    A: Separate audio and narration tracks are not supported in this version, although you could add a narration track as your single audio track.


    Q6: Is there support for Canon 5D Mark II h.264 videos?

    A: h.264 codec is supported on Win7 Home Premium and above.


    Q7: Is there a rotate video by 90/180/270 degrees option?

    A: The Home tab on the ribbon has rotation buttons.


    Re h.264 support on non-Windows 7 machines - I'm checking in with some video/codec gurus to find out more.

  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.

    As nice as Movie Maker is, why did the Live Essentials installer suddenly change the UI language of all my other Live apps (Photo Gallery, Messenger, Live Mail) into English when it was Dutch before?

  • PeterFPeterF Aragon IT

    Using Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and Canon 5D Mark II movie files are not working. Did you get it running with your setup?



  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    @Bas might be a bug - will let the team know


    @PeterF I haven't had a chance yet but I have my camera with me in the office today so might go shoot something and see if I can import it. Regardless I will let the team know you are unable to import on Windows 7

  • I just installed it and it's even nicer than I imagined. I still wish it has editable zoom points like Photostory 3.


    One strange bug I found is that if you drag in a DivX or XviD file the thumbnails don't work so all you see is black bar in the timeline.

    BUT the thumbnails show up after you split a file. Everything to the left of the split point stays black but everything after the split then works and you can see thumbnails.

  • Dean Corcoranpokeystuff www.​PokeyStuff.​com

    I belive I have found a reproducible bug when using the *.wtv files that Windows 7 Media Center Produces for recorded TV shows.


    The can be imported into WLMM and edited but once you try to Encode the end video. It just pauses on the beginning of the progress bar and the program must be killed via Task Manager! Cancel button does not work. I have tried this on two test systems.


    Source of Video (*.wtv file): Windows Media Center running on Windows 7 RC x86.


    Test systems for WLMM: Windows 7 x64 RC & Windows 7 RTM x86.


    It would be disapointing of WLMM cannot use this file as some people may obtain Home Videos from camcorders this way. The only product that seem to deal with this file format successfully is the old Windows Movie Maker included in Windows Vista. (NOT Windows Movie Maker 2.6!)



  • Dean Corcoranpokeystuff www.​PokeyStuff.​com



    It would be nice to have an "Advanced" button for the final encode. Just some simple advanced options for WMV like: Output Resolution, Bitrate, and Dual / Single Pass encoding options. This program comes 95% of the way to fullfilling my requirments for simple editing tasks and so far I love it!

  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...

    @PeterF "Actually it can do that. So what would I need to capture it?"


    Cool.  So what I would do is get Encoder 3 and a Blackmagic hdmi card to capture and encode (or stream) the live feed.  I am not 100% sure yet the blackmagic works with encoder 3, but looking at the boards for someone that has it working.  So your saying the 5D outputs the live stream down the hdmi without recording it first?  Many cameras can record then output via hdmi, but I have not found one that outputs the live feed.  tia

  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...

    So as WMM seems to be reducing features and Encoder is not really an editor as such.  Is there something planed to fill the gap?  Is Encoder going to be the pro editor platform going forward?

  • PeterFPeterF Aragon IT

    I still need to very this, I didn't yet order an HDMI cable online that is compatible with the camera. They use a type of mini connector that I cannot find in any hardware shop here around.


    I was trying to find a link where I saw a movie shooting setup with a TV screen attached. Instead I found a link to the behind the scenes shooting of the promotion video for the Canon :



    Thanks for the tip for the Blackmagic card. But before I spend money on it I will wait for Nic's answer on whether he was able to import into Movie Maker, or if they have plans to fix it Wink




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