Help Desk Episode 1 with Chris Pirillo (Pilot)

Play Help Desk Episode 1 with Chris Pirillo (Pilot)

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    The sound quality could be better, and using a better kind of lighting would be nice, everyone looks so pale in that light. Everything else, amazing!

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    Debora C

    Loved it!  Brought back great CFH memories..... Can't wait to see the success!  Congrags Chris... good to see you hosting again!!!

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    you got a good point

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    Great show i would suggest for improvment 3 things


    1.) To improve the sound quality


    2.) To improve the video colour because it looks dull and grey


    3.) To add download links in the video description instead of saying go to

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    Thanks. We'll look to improve on the lighting and audio as best we can.


    If you have any other suggestions on the show's content please let me know.


    Cheers -Nic

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    Very interesting show! My main suggestion would be to try and make the Q&A more accessible to search engines. Twitter is good for realtime but bad for finding the information again later. Friendfeed works a little better (at least the responses are threaded) but still means a lot of the information will get lost in the noise. If you want to have a wider impact outside the show with better visibility to search engines then you may want to look at using something like the Q&A board or setting up a channel 9 branded version of StackExchange.


    Keep up the great work!

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    Okay so i would suggest for improvment 3 things.


    1. Better audio - the audio was quiet and although people were talking clearly it wasnt the clearest.


    2. I know this was a pilot but the set needs COLOUR it was so tiring to watch because the set just looked grey, eventhough the content was good.


    3. Show notes WITH the appropriate links to get us straight to a download page instead of just saying 'just go to'

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    Awesome stuff!


    It'd be nice to include instructions on how to download the video. You'd have to click on the 'small' drop-down button, right-click on one of your preferred format and click 'save-as'(Internet Explorer) or 'save link as'(Mozilla).


    More power to you, Chris!

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    Pilot = Passed. When's the next episode? Also, please post the link to the Friendfeed site that is used during the show. Our IT shop found it entertaining and useful.

    Thanks, Joe

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    Thank You !!


    Please keep these up. This was very helpful to myself and a few of my co-workers.

    .. Mike

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    awesomeness show

    the show needs COLOUR it looked grey...

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    Kng Cow

    I thought this was a great show. I hope to see more.


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    Rename the show, "Three Experts and a Tool."


    Chris takes simple things and makes them more confusing. His level of understanding is below the people writing in asking the questions, thus the comments he offers back to the experts are either just silly or cumbersome at best.


    I about gagged when he was trying to get to the compatibility tab for a program, and even an average users would have known better, let alone ending up digging through the file system under program files to find a generic EXE to show the compatibility tab.


    HEY CHRIS, THERE IS THIS THING CALLED THE ‘START MENU’, and if you would have just clicked it open and selected ANY program that was not included with Windows as part of the OS, the compatibility tab is available so you could have demonstrated it without digging through the freaking folders to program files. Oh, you also don’t have to go to the EXE, when the expert said it don’t work on a shortcut, he was referring to the fact you were trying to open it on a freaking Internet shortcut, not an EXE shortcut. (See how much more confusing you made this because you were confused?)


     It makes me wonder if Chris has used Vista or Win7 at all or really is just this stupid. Either way, this was really a sad mix for the audience.


    Suggestions: Find someone that is at least on the level of an Average channel9 viewer, so they can understand the answers from the experts and help to mainstream the ideas so they are easier for people to understand.  Having a baboon confuse the answers even more because they don't understand the topics is just annoying.

    Chris seems to be more of a Mac person, especially when he is getting free Apple products and at the same time changing direction and telling the world Vista sucks.  Chris, Vista never sucked, you do…

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    Normally I wouldn't saying anything but I have to agree with Martin.  I don't think you could have found a more annoying and distracting host (well maybe you could have), sorry I couldn't take it after 30 minutes and turned it off.  Only commenting because it's the first time I've ever done that when watching a video on channel nine.   The concept in general if fine, but please dear god replace the host or have one of the other 3 guy all co-host they did fine.  Oh and yeah next time up the audio a bit.  I'll give it one more episiode before tuning out the series.






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    I agree.


    Chris is an obnoxious walking billboard for whoever pays him money(See his twitter stream).


    I was fully expecting him to be completely ADD, just like he normally is. But he did quite well with that in this video.


    However, lets give it another episode. It can't be worse than Ping.

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    Let's try to replace Chris with Morgan Webb and see how that goes.

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    Great Stuff! i look forward to seeing more of this!  I know this is just a pilot, but grey? seriously!!!  chris you were great as always and i really have learn some interesting things watching this im signing up to right now Smiley

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    I'm not a fan of Chris Pirillo and I think bringing in an outside "talent" sort of cheapens the show.  Other than that I like the content of the show.

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