Help Desk with Chris Pirillo on Channel 9 Live (Pilot Episode)

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    Gratz to you Chris, I have missed you since the old TechTV days. Maybe you can get a couple guest host like Leo Laporte and patrick to join you once in a while.

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    Will you cover beta software?  I have some strange VS2010 issues involving COM and the new threading library.

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    Hm, has Chris since changed his stance on Windows? My initial reaction is I do not think Chris is the best person to help with "Windows PC related tech support".


    "My choice, however, for a primary desktop operating system is no longer Windows – it’s Mac OS X.."




    "So, let’s say that the next version of Windows is amazing – for argument’s sake. Would I switch back to the “PC” for my primary computing needs? Doubtful ...

Microsoft Windows isn’t in trouble, necessarily – but I do believe that it’s better (read: somewhat safer, more affordable) to run Windows in a virtual machine with USB 2.0 hardware support than it is to run it directly on the desktop."


    "As a power user, Mac OS X has far more to offer me in terms of tweak-ability and modularity. I learned that by trying it, not by guessing that it wasn’t possible." 


    I can't but help to wonder if he is right. Mac OSX does seem more tweakable and suited towareds the power user. There are some pretty in depth tehcnical applications out there.

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    @intelman - Times change, as do operating systems...



    Quite happy with Windows 7, thankyouverymuch. Smiley 


    No geek is without his (or her) opinions, but I've always maintained a high level of transparency with my perspectives. Moreover, I've been editing a Windows-related channel continuously since 1996 (at You may not agree with everything I believe (or say, or do) - but if I didn't believe that Microsoft was on the right path in trying to assist people with their problems in this endeavor, I wouldn't have accepted this opportunity to help.


    Or, to put it another way: you know I'll answer the impending "Help Desk" questions with honesty.


    You know, NOT every Microsoft employee loved Bob (or community member, for that matter)... but did their feelings towards one product make them any less of a person who could help people with other Microsoft products (or those in their ecosystem)? Food for thought. Wink

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    I am well aware of those videos. The opinions expressed about Vista I think are largely wrong. The changes were not "incremental" as a few of them suggested. Vista was the leap to get to 7.


    I am aware of differing opinions, and I have no doubt you would answer questions truthfully and in the best manner possible. I would think for such a series to be popluar, the people involved should probably use Windows as their main opperating system of choice. Not Windows in a lame VM, but a full blown Windows machine. So that the people involved will experience the frustrains pain and joy associated with the normal Windows experience.


    Of course one will experiment with other platforms, that is expected and good. Makes one more well rounded for any questions associated with such things.

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    Chris is basically a hack that goes with the pimp with the fattest wallet. He was given free Macs and pretty 30" screens and suddenly Vista was crap. They stopped giving him new Mac hardware and Windows7 was awesome again. Werid uh?


    One of his 'best' complaints is that HP didn't have a Vista driver for his Printer that was 6 years old during the beta so Vista was crap. Brilliant aye? Go look it up.


    Channel9 just lost all credibility by implying that Chris knows his nose from his elbow. 


    Several years ago I emailed Chris about Vista when he was proclaiming OS X was superior, on some very specific issues. He didn't realize that you could search for items in the Vista control panel from the Start Menu and instead proclaimed OS X was brilliant and smarter than Vista because it offered results from the Control Panel in the Search box.  Scary uh?  I still find it hard to believe he was that stupid. But then again, he doesn't fully understand NT, what makes an OS a *nix or that Win9x and NT are different OS technologies.


    I still have the emails if anyone at Channel9 is interested.


    His knowledge is below almost any freshman level CS or CIS student, yet because people don't know any better they listen to him because of his time on TechTV.   Additionally, I would bet good money that most of the people that visit Channel9 would be better at answering technical questions than Chris, and this is going to be very embarrassing for Channel9 and him.



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    that is scary.. i hope chris knows niners are a nerdcore bunch and that we'll rip him up if he gets anything wrong Smiley 

    i might check out the recoding later (time diffence to big to watch it live)


    i like the concept though, more live stuff is great!

    having anders or eric on something like this would have me staying up late Smiley

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    I am sure this is not aimed towards niners, there is no way. The premise sounds as if it is not, plus I am sure they do not have the right host to go that in depth. Though anyone short of Mark Russinovich would probably seem lame.

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    I hope you'll all tune into this pilot episode. Chris will be hosting this first episode and will be flanked with a number of people from the product team.

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    I think you'll all be pleasantly surprised. Chris is a great host and joining him will be a "Brains Trust" of Windows troubleshooting experts.

    I encourage you all to do two things. 1) watch the show - either live or on demand after the broadcast - and (perhaps more importantly) 2) submit your Windows PC issues for us to address live on the air... and don't hold back! 

    I can't guarantee we'll be able to address every submission we receive but we'll do our best. We want Help Desk to be useful to the Channel 9 community which means addressing the real world problems you guys are facing. 

    You can email your Windows PC issues/questions to us ch9live [at] microsoft [dot] com or try and ping us live on the air via Twitter @ch9live

    And of course after you've watched the pilot please give us your constructive feedback on how the show went. What works, what doesn't and how can we make the show better for the Channel 9 community.

    Thanks all -Nic

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    @JoshRoss for the pilot episode we're going to focus on Windows PC issues but email your question to ch9live [at] microsoft [dot] com and we might be able to squeeze it in.

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    Interesting.  I wonder who this "brain trust" will consist of Smiley

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    "I hope you'll all tune into this pilot episode. Chris will be hosting this first episode and will be flanked with a number of people from the product team."


    No thanks, I got tired of shows like "JayWalking" where people show their ignorance years ago...

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    @TheNetAvenger O ye, of little faith... Smiley


    On this first pilot episode we've got two Senior Windows 7 Test Engineers and a Senior App Compat Engineer forming up the Brains Trust.


    So I challenge you - TheNetAvenger - and all Niners actually - to submit (genuine) Windows PC issues/problems for these guys to try and solve.


    Email ch9live (AT) microsoft (DOT) com


    And of course please watch the show and afterwards let us know your thoughts.

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    Jacob L Kukuk

    Very Awsome, Smiley Chris is a good choice, techtv call for help was awsome, tobad its gone Sad

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    This just won't work without Morgan.

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    Great service... Let's see how it rolls.  I would like to see something that is branded/focused on the home ecosystem, also something that can then be broadcast regionally from each MSFT retail store... So make it happen bobbbbbbbiiie    bbbbbb

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    I thought I would quickly chime in and say I have been following Chris for awhile.


    Some of the macs were sponsored for Gnomedex, and some he bought. None were sponsored by apple themselves to my knowledge, hence why he covered the apple logo on his macbook with his own logo.


    Also he has had windows units sent to him several times. He is very vocal when he dosnt like a product, be it a PC, a Mac (such as the Air.), or be it a Operating System. (Such as Vista, but note that Linux hasnt escaped his vocal distaste either.)


    He has used Windows 7 now for some time, and from what I have seen has enjoyed it. Just because some one chooses to use one product for a primary machine over another, dosnt mean they cant use both. There are a ton of people who are well respected who use a multitude of products. Why? Because knowing more bout multiple operating systems, make them better to help a wider range of people.


    I think you jumped in the water before checking the temprature first.

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