IE9 HTML5 Demo

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HTML5 demo using the latest version of the IE9 Platform Preview.





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The Discussion

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    Not sure how happy I am when browser vendors point out their differences. Might be good for them, but just means web developers will have to continue to aim for the lowest common denominator.

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    Nice demo! Can't wait to get my hands on the final product.

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    The differences shown were not of behavior other than speed.

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    True, it's pretty lame to criticize IE for being fast. Then Chrome and Opera must also be criticized. That's competition - users will choose the fastest, most standards-compliant, secure, reliable browsers. IE looks well on the track to make an substantial impact again. One can only complement the IE team on this progress.

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    This comparison isn't exactly fair. IE9 is pre-release where as Firefox and Chrome are not. The correct comparision would include IE8.

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    This is about IE 9. The question of fairness is meaningless.


    On a different note, Opera 9.53 is blazingly fast and is now actually hardware accellerated to the point where it runs this demo faster than the IE 9 platform preview, at least on my machine. So the browser wars are insane at the moment, the IE team is getting a run for its money.


    Still, IE 9 has other things such as DirectWrite text rendering, Does any other browser use that at the moment? It's impressively beautiful and animates smoothly (well actually the two animations I've seen shows that one of the animations are not quite as smooth as the other but they're both way beyond what other browsers do, it appears.

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    I hope IE9 supports more HTML5 than the current BETA does. It only scores a 96 on whereas Chrome scores 208 - the highest I have found. I am more interested in the forms, web apps, and storage features of HTML5 for our enterprise apps. IE9 is no better than IE8 in these categories. I could care less about the graphics stuff you are showing. Tell me when you have REAL HTML5 support.

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