Kevin Lim: Life-caster, Social Media Futurist... Cyborg

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A little while back I had heard the rumour of a mysterious character wandering the streets of Singapore with a video camera strapped to his back recording and interviewing anything and anyone that happened to stray into his line of sight.

The fellow in question turned out to be Kevin Lim ( who I first met at BlogOUT 2007 back in May when he rocked up with his backpack shrouded in web cams, speakers, wires and LCD screens and broadcast the entire event live to his USTREAM web channel.

Like (who Laura caught up with recently) Kevin is a life-caster; someone who shares their life experiences in real time by streaming the audio and video they see and hear to the web. Kind of like a reverse voyeurism (if there is such a thing).

We recorded a short interview for Channel 10 at BlogOUT but the microphone gremlins mucked up the audio so when Kevin spoke at ReMIX SEA 07 last week on the Web 2.0 panel we grabbed a few minutes at the end for a re-shoot.

Kevin is working on a PhD in communications and social media at the University of Buffalo and can give you an electric shock at 50 paces.

Check out Kevin's blog for more on life-casting, social media and a great overview of the Web 2.0 panel he particpated in at ReMIX SEA 07:

Thanks again to Ray Stephenson for the camera work



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