Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in Windows 7

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Setting up and connecting to wireless networks will be a much simpler task in Windows 7. And for those of you with shiny new wireless routers with WPS - Wi-Fi Protected Setup - the process will be even easier.

Gabe Frost and Yatharth Gupta from the Windows 7 team join me in the studio to talk about Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in Windows 7 and what to look for when buying your next Wi-Fi device.

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The Discussion

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    lol, the dude on the left just repeated everything the guy in the red said... That wasted a lot of my time the video only really needed to be 12 minutes if the other two guys were not talking

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    I'm not sure how you can claim that it's secure when you do the "Connect to network"/push the button routine. A determined intruder could wait for that button pushing event. Even worse, I'm concerned as to what possible security between the new laptop and the router exists while that little dance is going on. It looks like it could be easily sniffable, recordable and attackable. I would have appreciated more technical details and less marketing and branding fluff.

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    It looks like the PC has to start the connection first. So the button push only sends out the data if a PC is waiting for the connection. Likewise the PC probably can't say its ready and waiting if someone else is attempting waiting for you to push the router's button.

    Likewise, its not hard to use standard SSL style connections to ensure the data can't be read, reused or otherwise intercepted successfully.

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    What did that guy write to clear out the wi-fi settings on his laptop? I want to test this WPS stuff out as well, but the laptop is already set up. (I hate it when people zoom out from interesting small commands like that!!)

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    Also, is this only available in the final version of Windows 7? Only get question for writing in security key when I connect to my router... (I have enabled WPS on the router first of course)

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    It was a netsh command, try running "netsh wlan ?" (w/o the quotes) to see a list of commands. I believe this is all he did to remove the wifi profile instead of using the GUI.

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    This was TOTALLY USELESS.....

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    Not enough technical specifications, but kept me interested a bit.

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