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Windows Live Essentials 2011 (formerly Wave 4) has RTW-ed (Released To the Web).

Download for free at this link:

The 2011 suite includes a tonne of new features including

  • Facebook Chat integration within Messenger
  • Bing Maps integration and improved geo-tagging support in Photo Gallery
  • Upload video direct to Flickr
  • Messenger video chat uses 30% fewer CPU resources by offloading work to the GPU
  • Higher bit-rate movies in Movie Maker
  • Better spell-checking and Office integration with Writer
  • Improved Gmail support

In this video Bryan Saftler gives us a quick tour of the Essentials 2011 suite.

If you have any questions or requests for follow up interviews/demos related to Windows Live please leave them in the comments.




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The Discussion

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    will this overwrite the old Live Mesh beta? I have to stick with it because one of the PC's I use is still on XP

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    Technical questions just like C9 likes it.

    # What about the API of the formaly Live Mesh? Or the Live Framework? It's still running on the same MOE.exe so it should still be possible right ?
    # Live Mesh for Windows Phone 7 ?
    # Why does facebook chat not work in evry country by default ?
    # Why are sms messages from Windows Live to phone costing me 25 cents, and normal smses cost much less!
    # Why does the sync storage not alow view/editing of office documents stored online ?

    PS: I hate Belgium for not updating the website yet!

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    @markheath @CKurt - Great questions. I'm hoping to film a follow up video with some of the Windows Live Mesh engineers very soon

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    So Sync is now called Mesh? Again?

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    @Stilgar Correct. And they bumped the storage (back) up to 5GB Smiley

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    Live Mesh question:  Was it by design to leave out RSS Feed syncing in this Live Mesh release?  Is there a way for users to add the AppData/Local/Microsoft/Feeds folder to Live Mesh?


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    Generic question regarding all WLE apps:  Are fixes/updates for WLE2011 handled by Windows Update?

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    When I try to Sign in to Live Mesh I always get the following error: "Sorry, there is a problem with the Windows Live Mesh servers. Try again in a few minutes."

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Hmm, did the ability to write Ink messages get removed from messenger or am I just not seeing it for some reason?

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    Movie Maker getting really good. I wish more poeple knew about it.

    It would be even better if the tool that lets you choose a start end end point for animated pans and zooms that's built into MS PhotoStory was integrated into Movie Maker. PhotoStory is the best free tool MS never let anyone know about.

    Of course maybe that feature is in there, I haven't installed it yet to find out.

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    no backgrounds, no display names, untidy contact list, bloated social crap integration.

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    This may very well be the worst software suite I've ever used. If I start Windows live mail from the (pinned) taskbar icon, a NEW taskbar icon opens. Then it proceeds to download every email I've ever sent in GMail. It'd be fun if I could get to my email sometime this weekend.

    I'm not even going to talk about the new Messenger anymore because the more I think of it the angrier I get.

    Honestly, this is terrible. What was the Live Essentials team thinking?

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    > Better spell-checking and Office intergration with Writer
    Was this better spell-checker used to verify this post?

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    One thing I would like, is to easily use Windows Live Writer to make Wiki entries like into SharePoint or I guess any other Wiki but for now I'd be happy with SharePoint at work.

    If it does it already I could not figure out the setup.

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    Users wanted 5GB only?  Which users?  Who in the right mind would want to replace live sync's online  25GB with .... wait for it.... wait for it.... smaller 5 GB?  Are you kidding me?  Google it (not Bing it; since it may not find it Big Smile ) and you will see, that EVERYBODY outside MS was/ still is complaining about the lesser storage.

    ... or am I still confused?

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    ,nic wrote

    @markheath @CKurt - Great questions. I'm hoping to film a follow up video with some of the Windows Live Mesh engineers very soon

    Thanks,  would you address the online storage size issue? Smiley

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    @Boggy4062 That reference is to the fact that online storage was reduced to 2GB for the Wave 4 beta.

    The feedback from the Wave 4 beta was that users wanted online sync storage kept at 5GB, not reduced to 2GB. The WL team heard the feedback and subsequently increased the online sync storage (back) to 5GB.

    You're right though - 25GB would be awesome. Unlimited storage would be even better but I think we're a few years away from that being financially feasible for a free service Wink

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    It would be nice if all the info was correct.
    The FSS is generically speaking, an online proxy giving the parents the ability to control the Internet usage and destinations. I have used it since it first came out and loved it untill the parents had limitied control once the child hit 13, hopefully that has changed. Whereas the parental controls in W7 are PC based, the kid goes to another computer and they will completely get around all the security that was setup on the machine. With FSS, any computer that has it running, the kid will still follow your "rules".
    Much like "markheath" most everyone still has and uses an XP machine, and yes it has been 10 years since XP came out, it has been less than 2 years since sales were stopped for "small" system integrators.
    What would be really nice is if the SkyDrive storage and Mesh storage were one. I don’t necessarily need to sync 25G, but 5G is definitely not enough.
    PhotoGallery doesn’t really blotch the pictures to eliminate objects, after the initial stitching of the photos, all it is really doing is removing parts of a specific layer in order to make the “perfect” picture.

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    @Bas: I've seen the issue of a pinned program opening a separate button on the taskbar before, but not with Windows Live Essentials. I've seen it with Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, though. In my experience, it's just an OS issue. For whatever it's worth I've got WL Mail pinned to my taskbar and it doesn't open a separate button when I open the program. When I've had this problem with other problems, I just unpinned the defective shortcut and re-pinned it and all was well. I don't believe it has anything to do with the specific program that the .lnk is targetting.

    As far as Messenger goes, it's simple enough to just hit that icon in the upper right and fold it back to only a contact list. Also... A-Patch is your friend.


    @Boggy4062: Here's the story:

    We had (and still have) 25GB of storage in Skydrive.

    A couple of years ago, there was a Community Tech Preview of a new service called "Live Mesh" located at with its own independent 5GB of online storage, plus the ability to pass any information that exceeded this 5GB limit by leaving multiple computers on and having them sync data to each other peer-to-peer (and also a nice way to log into any online computer that you had added to your Mesh from any other online computer that had the Mesh software installed).

    Then "Live Mesh" went into its own Beta for a while.


    Meanwhile in Skydrive land, there was a program called "Windows Live Sync" that uploaded files to Skydrive.

    Then for the Windows Live Wave 4 Beta, it was decided that "Live Mesh" would become the new "Windows Live Sync". Where "Live Mesh" had had its own 5GB of online storage that was completely unrelated to Skydrive, the new version's storage with the new "Windows Live Sync" name would only have 2GB of online storage, which would be subtracted out of your 25GB of Skydrive storage.

    This made a lot of "Live Mesh" users unhappy, since they had been using 5GB of online storage and would now be cut down to only 2GB.

    So, in reaction to this unhappiness, the Windows Live team decided that they would keep "Live Mesh" as "Windows Live Mesh" and also reverse their decision to allow you to only use 2GB of your Skydrive storage on Windows Live Mesh, and instead use up to 5GB of your 25GB of Skydrive storage on Windows Live Mesh.





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    Is  Movie Maker supporting PAL with 25f ??

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    @natelawrence: oh, the expanded contact list is theleast of the problems with the new messenger. At least that's easily solved with the click of a button.

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    @pedrobrown: I have the same issue since beta and on different machines and even on different ISP. Maybe I'm still getting this error on release version because it can't be removed with normal uninstall or update. Either way support still "investigating" the problem.

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    Blaine Levey

    live 2009 worked fine with my system but after installing live 2011 I could not make video calls in messenger which worked fine before.

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    Used LMM for 6mo with no TiVo opening problems after Shark codec pack installation. However, with LMM 2011, can't open any TiVo or some other formats. What happened?????

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    questions on WLM(Windows Live Messenger). i've noticed WLM has a Group feature. i tried creating one and i invited some of my friends jioned in. but if i want the others could also request for joining in and the owner(me) or the co-owners decide to appove the request or not ,how can i do that?  how can the others see the group and make an request?  does the group have a size limit?what the upper size? thanks!

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