Real-world WPF: BSF Showcase behind the scenes

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The UK MCS User Experience team and a number of UK partners have been working on WPF for over 12 months and this Real World WPF series is intended to show some of their work and capture/share some of their learnings.

Carrie Longson and Paul Tallett (Ux team) take Nick Page behind the scenes of the BSF Showcase, discussing some of the technologies and techniques used to build the proof of concept.

The video was captured at 1024x768 so we recommend running it at full screen.





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The Discussion

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    Hey, is this program available to download? It would be nice to have something to play with. Does Microsoft have any other 3D WPF applications with source code for the purposes of learning?
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    it is really something weired that non of the microsoft team ever reply on anyone request. Why didt hey open it for discussion in first place?

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