Real-world WPF: Introduction to Blend (Part4)

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The UK MCS User Experience Team and a number of UK partners have been working on WPF for over 12 months and this Real World WPF series is intended to show some of their work and capture/share some of their learnings.

Martin Grayson (Ux team) walks Richard Godfrey through the process of building a simple application in Expression Blend.

Part 1 introduced the application and the key features to be built.
Part 2 looked at the Expression Blend interface.
Part 3 built the 2D effects used in the application.
Part 4 (this part) builds the 3D effects used.

The video was captured at 1024x768 so we recommend running it full screen if possible. It is also available for download here :-





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    The Discussion

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      That was one of the most informative C9 videos yet.
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      Excellent, glad you found it useful.  We'd welcome any suggestions on other WPF topics that you would find useful.
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      A video on creating a 3D, pure WPF based Virtual Earth control would be sweet.  Beyond that, maybe a nice video of theaming a WPF app for those of us developers that are "stylistically challenged".

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      This screencast series is probably one of the best I seen so far (and I have seen a lot of them). Please keep them comming. Very informative.
      Here is a suggestion! How about some real business applications. Most of the developers I know do not work on virtual earth and  x-box apps. It would be great to see an actual real-world app presented the way you showed us in this series. Again, excellent job!!!

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      Thanks for the feedback. We are working on lots more of these, so watch this space!

      On the LOB app note, I have set up a post on my blog - - to gather some thoughts about what you would be interested in seeing in a Real World WPF video on the subject. Please check it out, and let me know what your interested in.


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      Where i can download the source code of the videos ?


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      Hey, I haven't made available the source code for the solution (yet!), however, you can get the assets right here...

      The fun with this is to follow the videos and have a crack at making the app yourself! Its really simple, honest!

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      Thank you. This screencast has been really helpful to me. Quite detailed.

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      Shouldn't you have used relative paths instead of absolute paths?
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      An interesting series, giving some good info on using Blend and getting some desired effects....but the screencast itself is awful at times.

      The screen gets zoomed in the see the timeline, or window, more closely, but then we cannot see what you are doing to the properties...especially when you are changing the 3d viewport properties. Sad

      I know we can probably work out what was being done, but it's always more useful to actually see what is happening ;-D
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      Great Tutorial!
      I've seen a strange behaviour though for which I cannot find a reason...
      I'm using another set of images and I'm resizing the Image element in the ItemTemplate of the Listbox.
      When I create the VisualBrush, it looks rescaled to some weird values.
      I have the same strange behaviour if I leave the Image size in the ItemTemplate of the listbox to Auto and then resize the ListBox itself.
      If I leave both the Image in the ItemTemplate and the ListBox sizes to Auto, then everything works as in your video...

      Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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      Amey RAUt

      Thanx Martin,

      For really wonderful video tutorials for begginers



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      Nice Work Guys !! It helped me understand Blend more

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