Building a Pet Recognition Door Using Windows 10 IoT Core

Play Building a Pet Recognition Door Using Windows 10 IoT Core
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With Windows 10 IoT Core, you can build devices to power your purrrrfect world. Build a Pet Recognition Door by connecting a webcam, infrared motion sensor, servo motors, and OpenCV facial recognition on a Minnowboard Max running Windows IoT Core. This Pet Recognition Door will let your pet come and go, while keeping unwelcome critters from paying you an unexpected visit.  Are you feline ready to start creating?

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The Discussion

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    Repository not foud

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    Hi Gabriel,

    We're in the process of cleaning up the code. The repository should be public today, or at the very least by the end of the week.

    Derek (Windows IoT team)

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    The code is now public!

    Derek (Windows IoT Team)

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    ken stockwell

    Nice. Another suggestion would be to create a beer fridge that only opens for certain people using face technology or if they sing a particular song. Very similar to the Molson Canadian beer fridge (bing it for videos).

    I would love to do that in my house!

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    Jason Bell

    I'd only be concerned with the hardware being exposed like that on the inside of the door. What keeps the motherboard and other hardware from being destroyed?

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