Creating Audio Graphs for Universal Windows Apps

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    Hello, I am preparing an app, that creates audio compositions on the go, with even more 10 mp3s playing at the same time, and all goes like a charm. But I need to keep it playing when the app gets minimized or lock the screen, how to implement this?, because it is not a medialelement for the backgroundtask. An example would be really great and extendedsession does not work.

    Any ideas? Thanks a lot, I hope there is an implementation

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    This article describes how to create Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that play audio in the background. This means that even after the user has minimized your app, returned to the home screen, or has navigated away from your app in some other way, your app can continue to play audio. This article discusses the components of a background audio app and how they work together.

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