Fluent Design features for Fall Creators Update

Play Fluent Design features for Fall Creators Update

The Discussion

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    When will this be developed for web technologies so we can start using it in Progressive Web Apps? That's how Material Design from google took off. Please promote and enable this for web developers.

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    Acrylic is absolutely horrible. Why is the *active window* translucent? That makes no sense. I don't want to see *anything* behind the window that I'm using right now.
    The first time I ran calc, I thought my monitor was messed up because the window's background was a bunch of blocks of color.

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    I wish that all Color Pickers also included an eyedropper tool. By including an eyedropper tool into the Color Picker, it would make it much easier to set an exact color simply by choosing (via the eyedropper) an existing color.

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    @Stiny: Thank you for the feedback! I've shared it with our developers. We're still refining our use of Acrylic. Users can disable acrylic by turning off "transparency" under Settings > Personalization > Color > More options. 

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    Our applications must run as desktop apps since most of our customers are still using Windows 7. Are there desktop APIs for these effects?

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