How to Convert your iOS app to Windows

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    Forget iOS, what about Android? We focus to much on Apple/iOS and forget about Android. Android is better because you have many more choices and is more customizable.

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    The fact it is less customizable and is more difficult makes it more interesting

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    How does this support windows platform developers?
    Should we all learn developing iOS Apps and use the bridge to create windows 10 apps?

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    @Hannes:It supports WP developers by helping to ensure that your platform doesn't get canned.

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    @andyturner:"ensure" is a strong word.

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    > How does this support windows platform developers?

    Current Windows developers? Well, even though the primary target is the iOS developer who wants to try out the Windows platform and Store, it definitely could help existing Windows developers.

    How? Simple. If you are a Windows developer, you may well have been asked to create a Windows version of an iOS app, because many apps start their lives on iOS.

    Wouldn't it be nice if there was a tool to take Xcode projects and make them into Visual Studio solutions? Then you could take the code and work on it in the tools you know and love. 

    > Should you learn iOS

    There isn't much to gain if you currently write Windows apps and want to continue writing Windows apps. Writing Windows apps from scratch in a Windows development environment is always, always, always going to be better experience.




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    The bridges are to fix the app gap, there is a ready app with iOS developer, he can simply convert it into Windows App.
    But,But,But there is very interesting question, this may or may not help to attract other platform developers, as they still need to write code for iOS and Android and then hire a team to convert it into windows and keep testing custom code written on windows.
    Secondly it will help windows as platform, but the correct way to compete with competition is to infect them with windows developer's capabilities.
    I strongly agree that windows platform developers can do many windows, if their code can run on android and iOS.
    I want to see the days, when top 10 apps in iOS and Android are actually c# based UWP apps, also running on iOS and Android.
    Why the ideas or products on windows stores are not getting popular is due to their limitation on cross platform ability.
    everyone knows, including MS that as a software developing company, you shall have love with your code and not with platform, and that is why it keep releasing their core features and products on iOS and Andorid platform.
    But, when it comes to MS community, the choices are very much complected
    1) Write a C# and Xmarin app, its complete native C# based cross platform tool, but it also not purely Microsoft, as it have created their own components and as a MS developer, I always wanted 100% MS supported toolings
    2) Write HTML + Javascript with cordova : this seems still more attractive tool, it re-utilizes the Web skills and provides needed cross platform installation. It might be successful and being used by wide development houses, but we a community do not know, its success rate.
    3) UWP App: it will run only on Windows 10 Devices, they have great features, but married with windows platform.

    Sadly, Community did not want the UWP to run on Andriod and iOS on day 1, but even if MS shall said that it is in our road map and you may find it down the line of 2-3 years, would have helped.

    Cordova is nice tool, its open source, but we dont know any stats on real usage, the apps listed on showcase are also not know in every part of world. the tool inherting cordova are very big names, like phone gap etc, but then why out of top 10 apps or games 5 are not coming from cordova family?
    Infact, they might be somewhere related to cordova, but there is so much secrecy on tooling and platform used to build any app, it is responsibility of each app store to record these information and share stats, as it will help in taking informed decision and success rate of each emerging tool and technology.

    Without exact numbers, every fancy tool seems a gimick.

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    I like this feature of MS Windows

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    johncarl  pelzer

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    bhadrakali n

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    adapter iOS...ET ANDROID?
    J'ai une imprmante multifonction HP PHOTOSMART 6510 qui peut fonctionner avec cable USB OU avec WIFI,ce qui est bien pratique,
    faudra-t-il l'adapter? Merci de votre réponse.

    7W FAM

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