One Dev Question with Raymond Chen - What Programming Language is Windows Written In?

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    Was that a joke about C#? Or is it really not that common for Windows apps?

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    What about the drivers and so on? Also mainly C/C++ ?
    Sure somethings are better written in assembly, and dispite of it's being architecture specific, how good are compilers this days, so one can write "almost everything" in C ?

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    Thank you for these very interesting videos.

    I have one question for Raymond: Why explorer do not shows the file extensions by default? I think this can improve the security by showing the user that this ".docx.exe" document isn't a document for example.

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    i still enjoy windows programming with Win32 api & mfc & alt and especially com using c++

    but programming with c++/cx is hard for me because it created for c# developer

    maybe kenny kerr make it easy for us!

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    venkata sree rama murty maddula

    I wrote lots of C code...but windows all low level functions..
    C++ is good. What about C# and F# ...

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    @Shaun: many Windows apps in Windows 8/8.1 time was written in HTML/JS stack, yes. Not the majority, but something like 38%. I heard that once in russian conference.

    Today C# rules. M$ abandoned JS way to develop apps and I also abandoned developing Windows apps because M$ did this with JS. *Cries in Angular*

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    James Urry

    Why is there a MAX_PATH variable in Windows?

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    @KenyaWest: You may want to check again. Nothing like that happened. not sure where you got that severely wrong info.

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    There was an anecdote in an old copy of Petzold about code being written in QuickBASIC by Bill Gates. I always presumed it was a mistake?

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