One Dev Question with Raymond Chen - Why Does Ctrl+F in Outlook mean 'Forward' instead of 'Find'?

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    The one that has bitten me more than once is CTRL-S sending instead of saving (draft).

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    @alashcraft:  My solution for that:  I've taken the habit over the years of not filling in the recipient list until I'm done composing/reviewing/spell-checking my message.  That way, if I accidentally hit the Send button or equivalent shortcut key, the email client (whatever it may be) won't even be *able* to send the message even if it tried.

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    Hmm.. CTRL+F for me in Outlook 2016 (desktop version) brings up a new message.

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    Shafiq Jetha

    I love how stone-faced Raymond is when he says who the beta tester was.

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    Raghuveer Soma

    One can use Ctrl+F (Forward) then click in the message body then again Ctrl+F (Search) to search in the message.

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