One Dev Question with Raymond Chen - Why are there "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" directories?

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    Difference between Material Design in Android and Fluent Design in Windows 10.x?

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    interesting, but why was it

    Program Files and Program Files x86

    instead of

    Program Files and Program Files x64?

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    Because x64 was set to become the standard so it got the basic naming.

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    Well it's actually not true that all programs under "Programs Files" are 64-bit, on a 64-bit Windows. The "WindowsApps" folder have all apps downloaded from Windows Store, including those of 32-bits and platform-neutral apps.

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    Todd Seiler

    There is a method to the madness! I just assumed everyone was mad.

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    I get the point about the x86 and the default, but in older Windows version, you did not had a "Program Files" and "Program Files 16-bit" folder?

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