Using Cortana and Bluetooth LE with Hue Lights

Play Using Cortana and Bluetooth LE with Hue Lights

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    Great sample. I'm excited to try and build something.

    I have one concern about Cortana voice commands though. Being a Canadian my language is set to en-ca. As with this sample, all English apps in the store set their lang to en-us. Because of this in Canada we get very few, if any, apps that has Cortana voice commands. As far as voice is concerned, it would be great if you guys treated en-us and en-ca as the same thing under the covers. Honestly, from a speech perspective they are the same thing.

    I know some will suggest just set language and region to US. But the entire experience on a device breaks down. For instance you can't see Canadian specific apps in the store nor purchase anything. Also, non-tech savvy users will never think of this.

    Just my two cents.



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