Windows 8.1: Interview with Ales Holecek

Play Windows 8.1: Interview with Ales Holecek

The Discussion

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    Slipper fanatic

    These videos are all advertisement videos, they break channel9 rules. Yet they are not removed, biased much?

    I can't help notice there is nothing new for desktop users.
    What about desktop user experience?

    Metro is terrible for desktops.
    It breaks flow. Metro do not function at all with desktop programs.
    Metro is only in the way for a desktop user. Bad user experience.

    Make metro optional, please. Bring back the real start menu.

    Make metro a windowed program, that would work better on desktop.
    Fullscreen can be a user choice! You do remember what user choice is, right?

    Metro works more like a limited virtual machine than a program starter yet it works like an Office virus. It integrates into everything making the whole computer slow and exasperating to use.

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    Mike Greenway

    Great video, thanks, I'd like more of the same. I love Win 8 on the desk top and 8.1 is going to be even better, easier to do some daily tasks.  Think I'll go play Halo right now.

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    Make metro a windowed program, that would work better on desktop.

    metro in a window is an obvious solution. Esp from the perspective of user choice. What is the Microsoft reasoning for not allowing a metro app to display in a window on the desktop?

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