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    When the Windows 8 "metro style interface" appeared with tiles, a lot of people were annoyed.

    With so many people complaining that the helpful Start Button had disappeared (along with the easy access to anything - that we used to enjoy), Microsoft could have just left it.

    However, for some reason I still can't fathom, MS decided to make a "fake" button that doesn't actually DO anything.

    - a direct slap to the face of real, valid and (supposedly) valued customers that had a valid concern.

    Windows 8:  starts up to metro interface.
    Windows 8.1: gives the people their start button back that takes them to the metro interface.

    Who will be taking responsibility for the insult?

    - conspicuously "missing" from this video.

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    Windows 8.1 really did improved alot from windows 8, some bug were there in windows 8 but now they're not , UI looks awesome ! a truely great product ! hats off  to you guys !  

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    akbar mosleh

    windows not working

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    Jim Michaels

    does it still use an SSID on ethernet like in 8? and does it still require powershell (a security risk apparentrly) to enable the Multiplexor protocol on NICs for NIC teaming even though the checkbox is on like in 8? would like the start menu back. heard 8.1 does not have a start menu. so I will have to augment with start8. I want win7 back if I could still get it so I can revive old boxes for people. 7 was good for recycling machines, but 8/8.1 requirements are too high for many people's old boxes and some people don't have the money for a new computer. I think win7 was removed too soon. it could create a glut of junk in the computer recycling stores.

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    Jim Michaels

    could the new windows be made into a better, more productive developer's environment? I use my PC for work and research for 12 hrs/day. there are plenty of developers and web designers out there.

    1. since switching from XP to 7, I am having problems alt-tabbing. this feature worked great and consistently in XP, but in 7/8/8.1 it's behavior (as in what program you get when you alt-tab) is random rather than predictable. please fix. this is something I use a LOT. sorry, taskbar isn't the solution I need sometimes. usually I need to just switch back and forth between recently-used programs. go back to XP's methods, worked great. if it is consistent, it's not documented and I don't understand it and I've been programming for 30 years.

    2. need a start menu. that was extremely productive for me. also, it makes sure that all the icons of my programs are displayed, including help, documentation, auxilliary programs, etc. and if you have a suite like Adobe CC, well, let's just say it's not going to fit in a single tile. the "all" isn't going to work because it's just way too hard to get to and I would need to make that my start screen. (by changing a setting or something - that could be an added feature via windows update!)

    3. windows live for a pc login should go. it's a security risk having the pc phone home and stay logged in every time I power-up my PC. should my or a user account's login ever get compromized on my machine, there goes PC security. also, if for any reason MS has downtime, the whole world's pc's shut down. bad model. please fix. if I want to use live, I will login separately when I need to. I would prefer a different local login for my PC that I don't have to jump through hoops to access (like disbling the internet before login - or was it pc setup?).

    4.powershell has been labeled a security risk if I remember right. it's also so poorly documented I can't figure out how to do anything with it, and I have written code in a lot of languages. if both of these situations were fixed, I would enjoy making use of it for a scripting language on a regular basis. it looks pretty powerful. documentation pages needs example code and actual documenatition on what the functionality is functions language constructs, etc, and how it works, what it returns, allowable values, like what's seen in MSDN for VC++, that kind of quality.

    5.a better notepad. notepad should take ? and * wildcards. by the way, ? needs to be fixed in windows, that's broken, it doesn't work according to definition, I have some test cases like with *.??0 and *.??1 does not find files like abc.540 it finds them all. (one of those is a boundary bug). a working set of wildcards is critical and in the cmd shell it's broken. please fix.

    6. ^ in the cmd shell should be a generic escape character. it is not. sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. please fix.

    7. there is no way to insert a " within a double-quoted string on the command-line for cmd shells or due to a bug in windows. in fact, the way things are now, it's flaky depending on how many you concatenate together like this """ or """" or """"" and "^"" doesn't work of course becxause this is one of those broken ^ escape things unfortunately. please fix.

    8. new-old feature: ANSI escape sequences could be useful for commandline stuff if only it were built-in to the cmd shell and (for at least through something like ANSI.SYS NNANSI.SYS driver or something similar, or just have it built into shell functionality would be preferable when color ANSI escape sequences are sent to stdout). I think it would allow for greater flexibility and compatility with other libraries, and would allow people to make GUIs easily even in batch files, make colorized prompts, etc. I think this need to be brought back. devs need this.

    9. need a beep program that comes with windows. make it fancy. frequency, duration in ms, including a default value. I use this for my compiles to notify me of status (I don't like sticking around watching paint dry while compiler grinds out code).

    10. maker all the drives show up always. even when empty. that last part is supposed ot be an option, but doesn't work in win7/8, and I suspect not in 8.1 either. sometimes I need to access those drive letters in windows explorer for whatever reason (not just devs, but for computer repair, and there are plenty of us out there too). please fix.


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    Jim Michaels

    oh yeah, could you make 8/8.1 work better on desktops and laptops that don't have touchscreens?

    mouse interactivity in all its facets of the GUI in 8 was very difficult to work with. suspect 8.1 isn't much better since it's written for fingers on a touch screen for swiping gestures rather than mice.
    I noticed this demo shows a tablet screen, that's great for tablet users, but a lot of people ALSO want a laptop or a desktop too. and a desktop is more repairable and lasts for 12+ years with a couple of part replacements over time, unlike a tablet or laptop.
    tablets do not replace the PC, they are not the same class of machine and they have a different purpose than a desktop or laptop. so writing an OS purely for a tablet was a bad move. people who own a tablet are required to have a laptop or desktop. don't make it hard on people by making mouse interactivity difficult (requiring hair-thin positioning for getting at menus or whatever).

    I also found the new 8 UI very anti-productive. it takes much longer to get any task done compared with windows 7.

    had some difficulty/bugs with performance monitoring.

    the control panel no longer holds all the settings with 8/8.1, so this is a big difficulty when you are trying to find where a setting is at, you have to spend about an hour digging around for it, so please fix that too. there's a GUID-folder-hack for that, but this should not be necessary. please fix.


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