Windows Bridge for iOS

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    Matt Wojo

    Pretty awesome how easy this makes it to bring apps to multiple platforms!

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    It's all cradled on a magic carpet. A net catching platform data like the earth catches a shadow, and reflects is back in outline visual.. So forth and so on I suspect.. It's a tricky, but fair in respects, and ethical learning. I hope I can keep up, especially starting from so far behind.. I am hoping to accomplish some sort of self sustainment, educating my purpose, and those in common interests', and goals. I'm working before daylight until afternoon, and am spending long hours studying computer, and internet function. I've succeeded in hope that I can retire from the hard labor, and poverty wage circumstance my old tired body has brought me too, and fallow forward through more mindful, and necessary purpose, and profit. I'm hoping this bridge will take me to a happier homestead that allows me resources that I may help so many others who are good hard working honest people that deserve to have more to life than only a slave to mere existence. May thanks to all here at Microsoft to all the tough learning, and opportunity to absolutely hate you at times, but also appreciate the school of hard knocks bring on an attentive, and sketched in stone kind of mindset. Thank you for all your help, and I'm still asking for it. Besides; I like the smell of burnt feathers.. G.F.P.

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    I like what you've done with the place. It's time for me to get busy again, have I got some wild ideas, and a new office with tools to build them. Come see why education is an ongoing rush of excitement until you die. A person may not take everything with you when you leave, but think what could be left behind for the next super hero's that follow along with the same concepts, ideas, and enthusiasm to save the world, and return the paradise of moral, and ethical, consideration that bring us all together sharing, trusting, and succeeding.  


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    Daaniel Mijak

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