How to call Web service in Excel using Visual Studio Tools for Office

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Sometimes, you may want to incorporate data from online resources into your Excel worksheets, like the weather data of a city. This video shows you how to call a weather web service to get online data in Excel using Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO).



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The Discussion

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    Sorry if I'm missing something, but would it be possible to provide the web service address so that I can run through the application from start to finish?  Or is this a custom web service you've created?  It appears that NOAA and provide such a service, but I can't locate the exact link.

    And please create more videos like this, highlighting the potential of VSTO!


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    OK, I think this is the weather web service used:

    But I still can't figure out how to resolve the "GlobalWeatherSoapClient" object used in the project.

    Still working on it...


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