How to Create a Custom Refresh Image in Windows 8

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Windows refresh feature doesn’t allow you to create custom refresh points like Windows System Restore does. Instead, Refresh creates a Windows Installer Image to help it restore settings to default state. This script demo shows you the option to create a custom refresh image to restore your custom PC settings in Windows 8.
Zip File: Download sample script here

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Windows 8



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The Discussion

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     today i used window 8 pro 64 bit and i have do the same this video but i can't make it please

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    David Viljoen

    Cannot download the file. When clicking the download button, a "Licence Term of Use" popup is displayed. When I click accept on the popup, it merely redisplays the

    Any ideas? Thanks

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    @David Viljoen: This pains me to say, but try IE9 or Chrome. It seems to work in both of those, for me at least (yeah, I know, I know...). BTW it seems that other scripts, PS1, zip's, etc all download fine on IE10. It's just something about this one, I guess...

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