Exploring .NET portability on Linux via Mono, Visual Studio Online Preview "Monaco" and WebMatrix

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As a newcomer to the .NET world I'm really passionate about its value for open source professionals and Linux users. I think the cross-platform portability of binaries, development solutions (a-la-IDE) available for all sizes and budgets, support for different programming languages including F#, integration with PowerShell and most importantly, reduced time-to-market to deliver solutions are real game changers.

In this video we create simple solutions on MonoDevelop on Linux and run them on Windows, load them on PowerShell or deploy them on Azure. We use Visual Studio Online "Monaco" (preview) to deploy ASP.NET applications from Linux and to rebuild simple applications. We also open sample solutions from Windows on MonoDevelop and make them run, and open Mono solutions on WebMatrix via Windows Azure.

This content was produced for the InterOpConf in Warsaw, Poland, from November 30 thru December 1, 2013. During the session I received some audience questions regarding WPF and WCF. Bear in mind that the Mono Project describes itself as "everything in .NET 4.5 except for WPF, WWF, limited WCF and ASP.NET async" The Mono Project provides MoMA which will help identify these situations. Note that Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC are included in Mono as-is, since they have been open sourced by Microsoft. In other videos of this blog I discuss OData from a Windows perspective using freely available tools like VS Express.



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