Using bootstrap-vz to create an Azure-ready Debian 8 (jessie) Linux image

Play Using bootstrap-vz to create an Azure-ready Debian 8 (jessie) Linux image


In this video, we'll create a fresh Debian 8 (jessie) Linux image with bootstrap-vz, then upload it to Azure and create a new VM. There is no need to roll out Hyper-V or any hypervisor to create a Linux image with the software that is necessary to run in Azure, and bootstrap-vz is a great piece of software for Debian and APT enthusiasts.

The prerequisites:

  • sudo apt-get -y install python-setuptools parted kpartx qemu-utils
  • git clone
  • cd bootstrap-vz/
  • sudo python install

The azure-cli commands:

  • azure vm image create Jessie-00 --location "South Central US" --os Linux /target/debian-jessie-amd64-150426.vhd
  • azure vm create VM-Jessie-00 Jessie-00 -e 22 -l "South Central US" azureuser


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