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You can count on there being some great sessions in Open Space at MIX. Tim Kulp sent me a link to his blog with a good idea for a session. He wants to discuss how to use the Microsoft technology stack to build applications to HHS/CMS standards. One great thing about the Open Space format is that you can find people interested in very domain-specific topics.

On the Microsoft side, The Project Astoria Team is planning to hang around the Open Space area and discuss the latest with their technology. Also, Vittorio from my team made an open offer to discuss and demo identity technologies. These are all opportunities for you, the attendee, to request topics and know that the experts are there to answer your tough questions.

David Laribee of gets that and he posted a video on about the questions and topics he wants to discuss in the Open Space area.

What do you want to see discussed in Open Space at MIX? Leave a comment here, or better yet, blog about Open Space and send us a link at

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