RIA, REST and Keyboards

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Josh Holmes shares his excitement for Open Space at MIX in this post. He also suggests some topics for Open Space sessions, including RIA, REST vs SOAP and common keyboard conventions.

These are all great topics, but you might ask yourself what  topics are allowed in the Open Space area. That's really up to you, the attendees. The Open Space area is your chance to have a voice in the conversation and discuss whats important to you. You can suggest topics on some of the MIX sessions and themes, or discuss something totally unrelated to MIX. I even heard someone suggest Battlestar Galactica as a topic. Right on!

The great thing about the Open Space format is that the attendees get to vote with their feet. If they like your topic choice, they'll show up and stay engaged in the conversation. Otherwise, there is always the freedom to move on.

So stretch your imagination and make Open Space at MIX what you want it to be.


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