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Follow along at the Open Space at MIX blog to get the lastest information about:

  • Open Space sessions being held in the Sandbox at MIX.
  • Updates to the schedule as attendees post sessions to the scheduling board.
  • Videos and blog content created by attendees during Open Space sessions.
Open Space at MIX is your chance as a MIX attendee to have a voice in the conversation. You choose the topics for the Open Space sessions and facilitate the conversation. An Open Space session can be two people or twenty people. We'll give you a video camera to record the session and we'll publish the content on this blog.

A lot of people have been asking about Open Space at MIX. The most frequently asked question is how can I submit my session before MIX starts? It is not possible to submit sessions until Tuesday at 4pm when the Sandbox opens. There are a couple reasons for this restriction. One is that the scheduling is done on site using a large scheduling board. The other reason to wait for MIX is that we want the sessions to be driven by the conversations and ideas that you get at MIX. If the schedule filled up before the event even started, you wouldn't have that opportunity.

So how can you let people know about your Open Space session before the event? Write about it in your blog and we'll link to you from the Open Space blog. You can describe your session and the day/time you'll schedule it during the event. However, ask your readers to check back to your blog or the Open Space at MIX blog for updates because you can't gaurantee the time of your session.

If you have any questions or you would like to let us know about your blog post related to Open Space at MIX, email us at openspac@microsoft.com.


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