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    This was my favorite video of the bunch. Funny, clever, cool, and quick. Never too fast to understand, but fast enough to keep it moving. Great job, guys!
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    Yooowzers --- Fast typing........
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    Tim Sneath
    That is truly awesome! Cool Five minutes has never rushed by so quickly whilst watching an internet video. If only all demos were like this - fast-paced and well-scripted. Any chance Lorin and Lawrence can post the source?
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    Any chance to get the source code?  I couldn't quite catch all of the index values.



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    AIM48 wrote:
    Yooowzers --- Fast typing........

    Makes you want to change your answer to the "If I had one superpower" question.

    Being able to type 50 words a second Smiley
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    freaking awesome! Excellent!
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    When we made this video for the PDC ShowOff event we were limited to 5 minutes total.  We had actually taken lots more footage during the original filming.  So I have now put together a longer version that includes all the content and greater bandwidth so you can actually read what the code says as it flies by.  You can download it from this link:

    For those interested in the source code, it's available for download in a .ZIP from that site.  It will do both 3 of 9 and also 2 of 5 codes.

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    PDC 2005 Show Off

    This submission was voted #1 at the PDC05 Show Off event.

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