Infragistics DataPresenter Control for Windows Presentation Foundation

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Thanks to everyone who submitted a video for the first-ever Show Off event at PDC05. We had 25 submissions in the space of just a few weeks. To view all of the submissions, look for videos tagged with showoff.

Infragistics DataPresenter Control for Windows Presentation Foundation
Infragistics, Inc.

Length: 5:19
Shown at PDC05: Yes

This video demonstrates the Infragistics DataPresenter component for Windows Presentation Foundation. The DataPresenter is a multi-format data presentation control that not only displays data in classic grid format but also using a Carousel metaphor. Also included is a demo of our flickr photo browser built using WPF and the DataPresenter.


  • Joe Modica
  • Joe Dour
  • Grant Hinkson

Tools used

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2
  • WinFX SDK
  • Expression Interactive Designer
  • Acrylic






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