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Thanks to everyone who submitted a video for the first-ever Show Off event at PDC05. We had 25 submissions in the space of just a few weeks. To view all of the submissions, look for videos tagged with showoff.

Mantis PDC Demo
Microsoft Corp.

Length: 7:02
Shown at PDC05: Yes

Overview and demonstration of the Mantis, a WinFX based multiplayer game.


  • Mitch Walker

Tools used

  • VS.Net 2005
  • WinFX
  • WinFX SDK





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The Discussion

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    That is cool. where on Earth does one get Mantis?
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    The PDC build of Mantis will be released sometime this fall. There are a couple of clean up tasks I need to do plus get a hosting site up and running.  Hopefully sometime in early December.

    Also development of Mantis will continue and I will be posting interim builds as well.

    You can follow the development of Mantis via my blog at

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