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Thanks to everyone who submitted a video for the first-ever Show Off event at PDC05. We had 25 submissions in the space of just a few weeks. To view all of the submissions, look for videos tagged with showoff.

Zondervan Bible Search
NuSoft Solutions
Zondervan Publishing

Length: 5:21
Shown at PDC05: Yes

Zondervan Bible Search is the most advanced Bible search application on the internet. The system is designed for users ranging from Bible scholars to casual readers allowing for extremely rich search results and designed to keep you in context at all times. The system is built on the Windows and .Net platform.


  • Britt Dennison - Product Manager - Zondervan
  • Brian Anderson - Technical Lead - NuSoft Solutions
  • Mark Loew - Engine Dev Lead - NuSoft Solutions
  • Ed van der Maas - Engine Web Façade Dev - NuSoft Solutions
  • Jeff Tucker - Web Dev Lead - NuSoft Solutions
  • Mike Carnevale - UI and Graphic Design - NuSoft Solutions
  • Bruce Benson - Account Executive - NuSoft Solutions
  • Aaron Kamphuis - Performance Testing - NuSoft Solutions
  • Kim Tryon - Project Coordination - NuSoft Solutions

Tools used

  • Visual Studio .NET
  • C#
  • COM Interop
  • C++
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Cruise Control .Net
  • NAnt
  • Ndoc
  • AJAX.net Library






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