Bluehoo Application hosted on Windows Azure

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Steve Marks invited Jonathan Greenstead, CEO of Sentinent on stage during Monday's PDC2008 keynote to demo Bluehoo, a rich application hosted by Windows Azure. Built in Silverlight and coded entirely in Visual Studio C++, Bluehoo is a location-based social networking tool to see people that are nearby.

The Discussion

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    I was pretty sure in the keynote, Jonathan stated it was written in C#, not C++.
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    Ok, so both my name and my company name is spelt incorrectly (Greensted & Sentient) and jh71283 is correct, Bluehoo is entirely written in C# not C++ apart from, obviously, the java versions which are written in, erm, java!

    Oh, are we are not location based either!  We are location aware but proximity based.

    Hey ho, I've always loved Micosaft and Roy Ozhe. Wink

    Hat tip to Windows Azure however ... it absolutely rocks. Smiley

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