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The conversation is happening now and here are the highlights:
Andrew Connell: "Azure, VS10, Win7... PDC2008 ROCKS!!!!"
John Osborn: "Applause for multiple WebConfig files to support dev and deployment scenarios..."
Robert Hallock: "Steve Sinofsky demonstrated a build of Windows 7 that was only 500MB small. It ran on an Eee PC w/ 1GHz CPU & 1GB DRAM. Daddy want."
Brady Anderson: "Watched some impressive Live demos at PDC2008”
DevHawk: "Did the Gu just say Silverlight is installed on 100 million machines? 25% of all internet connected machines? wow."
Daniel Cazzulino: "Web.config with support for Web.Debug.config, Web.Release.config, Web.Staging.config, etc.. KILLER!!!"

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