PSDEVOPSSIG Event – Lability Demo w/ Iain Brighton

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PSDEVOPSSIG Event – Lability Demo w/ Iain Brighton

What is Lability?

              As the name suggests, Lability is a Lab Builder for Hyper-V, with Azure and VCenter connectors planned for future development.  Lability allows you to utilize a DSC configuration to create and configure a Hyper-V lab.  It is highly configurable and has built in bootstrapping of DSC resources and packages to virtual machines.  It is highly extensible with a myriad of features.  It is a project within the Virtual Engine Repository.

Feature Highlights

              Automatic Download of Installation Media and auto expansion of WIM files into    Sysprep'd VM Parent Disks.

              Inject external DSC Resources, Exes, ISOs, ZIPs and the like, directly into VMs for application.

              Bootstrapping of PowerShell Commands as well as configuration of LCM and injection of DSC documents.

              No new syntax necessary for deployment, just addition of needed properties into Configuration Data.

              Configuration of Host machine, including activation of Hyper-V role and download of necessary updates.

This was a PowerShell DevOps event hosted by the PSDEVOPSSIG.

Founders: David Coulter (@DCTheGeek) and Bobby Reed (@BobbyTReed)

Accompanying Code can be found on GitHub Here:



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