11Ants Retail Analytics Solutions on Azure Deliver Retail Growth

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11Ants Analytics helps airlines and retailers around the globe increase profits with its next-generation customer analytics solutions – 11Ants RAP (Retail Analytics Platform) and 11Ants AAP (Airlines Analytics Platform).

"Azure has allowed us to provide airlines and retailers a path to growth by elegantly combining best practices, customer analytics and high-capacity cloud computing in a seamless way. It's game-changing," said Tom Fuyala, CEO of 11Ants Analytics.

Fresh off being selected by Microsoft for its new cross-border go-to-market program, 11Ants RAP was deployed by a major retail chain in Latin America in a Spanish-language environment.

RAP works through graphic interfaces to help overcome language issues and within a few days the retailer's customer relationship management (CRM) team successfully analyzes customer data informing new business strategies based on those findings, turning raw data to retail gold

"We've proven that a small, innovative software developer in New Zealand can deploy within a few days a highly complex, customer analytics solution for a retailer in Latin America, all built on the Microsoft Azure Platform-as-a-Service," said Fuyala. "At the click of a button by the users, 40 servers come to life and build highly complex models that deliver in a pictorial format actionable stories about their customers, products, promotions and stores. This just has not been done before."

ShiSh Shridhar, Worldwide Director of Data Insights, Retail Industry at Microsoft, says: "11Ants Analytics has harnessed and elegantly integrated retail best practices, high capacity cloud computing, high end customer analytics and data science. Furthermore it delivers it all to customers' desktops via a browser. This is an example of the highest and best use of the Microsoft Azure platform."

To learn more about 11Ants Analytics on Microsoft Azure, download the mini-case study and datasheet and read the press release.

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