Axis AI Doc Classification and Data Extraction Solution Moves to Azure

The Discussion

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    Axis AI offers a revolutionary solution for classifying and extracting information from unstructured content. Using proprietary algorithms, including those used to perform Natural Language Processing (NLP), Axis AI reads and extracts data from sentences, paragraphs, or entire pages written in natural English.

    Moving the AI to Azure platform will help reduce cost and increase ROI for our clients.

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    This move to Azure is an absolute game-changer for Axis!  Being able to scale immediately - both up and down based on volume - is a critical advantage to the company, and allows significant cost reductions.  

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    Having a scalable computing platform to boost performance of the powerful AI algorithms is a huge advantage. Smart move for AxisAI.

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    We are extremely excited about the move to Azure!  The ability to offer Advanced Data Capture, Classification and Extraction of very Complex and Unstructured Data from Unstructured Documents is truly a game changer.  Service Bureaus, BPO's and Data Entry Shops now have a licensing model that aligns with theirs on a per field or per document basis and can scale up and down as their volumes fluctuate.


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    Moving to Azure is going to allow us to take our product AxisAI to the next level for our customers. With this new platform we look forward to helping many more customers with data extraction for complex unstructured documents helping organizations save time, money, and speeding up their decision making process.

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    Our move to Azure will allow our AxisAI product to compete on a new level. We will be able to significantly increase our productivity without a large increase in hardware costs. This savings is a game changer in the unstructured data extraction field which allows us to scale our production to the clients needs when they need it.

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