BeyondCore Efforts Attract and Engage Customers

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BeyondCore Analyst for Office puts the power of intuitive analytics in the hands of every business user. BeyondCore analyzes Excel or big data and presents statistically relevant findings in PowerPoint and Word in just minutes.

BeyondCore reached 570,000 potential customers with a post on @Office365, and saw a 174 percent rise in website visitors after a press release about its collaboration with Microsoft.

The new BeyondCore Analyst for Office provides single-click analysis and detailed story-based explanations of insights directly integrated into the Office suite. Visit the BeyondCore site to sign up and receive BeyondCore Analyst for free

"Microsoft Office is the preferred analytics environment for most businesspeople. We congratulate BeyondCore on the way its Analyst for Office is empowering many more people around the world to extract powerful insights from big data," said Kirk Koenigsbauer, Microsoft corporate vice president, Office 365 Client Apps and Services.

To learn more about BeyondCore and Microsoft's collaboration, and how it gives business users access to deep statistical analysis and intuitive narrative explanation, read the success story and press release.

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