Digital Media Campaign Boosts Opportunities for Yappn’s Innovative Language Solutions on Azure

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Offering a complete and customizable set of tools in up to 100 languages, Yappn Corp. dramatically improves upon traditional translation methods, increasing speed and translation accuracy to better reflect specific commercial and social requirements while lowering costs. Yappn solutions built on Microsoft Azure allow companies and people to communicate in the language of their choice, all in real time.

Looking to expand its business opportunities, Yappn turned to Microsoft and the Go-To-Market Services team. Yappn took part in a Nurture Marketing Campaign that resulted in almost 278,000 impressions and 1,600 clicks. The campaign was focused on informing the market of the partner's app and its unique value prop, as well as qualifying leads for the partner to continue to nurture in its own marketing work stream.

"The Nurture Marketing Campaign through Microsoft Go-To-Market Services helped us evangelize our value prop and got nearly 278,000 impressions and 1,600 clicks," said Steve Taylor, CSO, Yappn Corp.

To learn more about Yappn's digital marketing campaign, download the success story.

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