FluidMath App With Pen and Touch Features Now in Windows Store

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Fluidity Software's FluidMath application for the teaching and learning of math on pen and touch devices is now available on Microsoft's Universal Windows App in the Windows Store.

FluidMath provides teachers and students with an easy-to-use application that makes mathematics "come to life" on the touch sensitive screen of a Windows 10 device. FluidMath recognizes, graphs and solves handwritten algebraic expressions and can associate math with sketches to generate dynamic animations.

Using FluidMath is like writing with pencil and paper. Teachers and students do not have to learn a new programming language or a complicated series of button pushes. Teachers quickly create illustrations for their lessons, work with students to manipulate math models, and teach in a more interactive, visual, and hands-on manner. Students create and view animated simulations of the solutions to their problems in their own handwriting.

"Windows 10 users can now easily bring their handwritten math to life with FluidMath on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device," said Margo Day, vice president of U.S. education, Microsoft.

To learn more about Fluidity Software's FluidMath, read the press release.



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