Get Data Security with CipherPoint Eclipse Data Security API on Azure

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CipherPoint Software, a company that provides data-centric auditing and protection solutions for securing unstructured information in the cloud, announced its CipherPoint Eclipse Data Security API is available in the Azure Marketplace. The API offers an on-demand data security product that provides access control, data encryption, and more out of the box with minimal need for configuration.

The goal of the API is to provide a complete, turnkey, data-security solution, with as few decision points as possible in less than an hour.

All of the key management and data security functionality can be accessed by JSON RESTful API calls. This means you can integrate standards-based data security quickly and efficiently. The entire Data Security API developer experience is designed around being fast and simple to implement. Once the initial policies are combined into a "rule" (which is a one-time setup that takes well under an hour), you will have the ability to integrate data security into any application with two simple calls ("encrypt" and "decrypt") to the Data Security API.

When the Data Security API is called, the CipherPoint Eclipse system will apply the appropriate access decisions, provide cryptographic processing as appropriate (the keys are never exposed to your application), and will log the activity in a way that is consumable by any system or security monitoring solution. In addition, the CipherPoint Data Security API is constantly monitoring your keys, and will automatically rotate them as needed.

To learn more, check out the press release, mini-case study and datasheet.  

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