Guest Post: Accounting Integration Makes Retail Business Faster, Smarter, and Simpler

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This is a guest post by Lauren Macdonald, Marketing Specialist at eBridge Connections; and Lindsay Hampson, Senior Marketing Manager at eBridge Connections.

In the retail and consumer goods industry, customer service is the key to success. In today's retail world, great customer service means fast, efficient, accurate, and easy processing and for retail businesses receiving 200 or more orders a month, it can be difficult to ensure that orders are processed quickly and accurately. Hiring multiple data entry people to speed up the process will be costly for the business, but not enough data entry hires will result in a backlog of orders and customers waiting weeks (or worse, months) for their purchases to arrive. Neither of these scenarios is helpful for a retail business that's trying to gain loyal customers and increase revenue.

The good news is, technology is constantly changing the retail landscape, and automation is becoming a more popular tool for improving business efficiency. Accounting integration is one such automation tool that connects a retailer's accounting/ERP system with its e-commerce platform, online marketplace, CRM application, or EDI trading partners (i.e., the "big box" retail stores they want to sell their products in). Today's clever retailers are using accounting integration solutions to automate their order entry and find faster, smarter, and simpler ways of doing business.


Thanks to accounting integration solutions, retail businesses no longer have to sweat about order backlog and inaccurate or untimely order processing. Instead, they can rest assured that orders will move to and from their accounting/ERP system in real time, which means that orders can be processed, packaged, and shipped out to customers fast.

For retailers that feel the pressure of high-volume days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, accounting integration ensures that no matter the volume of transactions, orders will always be processed quickly and efficiently.


Retail businesses using accounting integration know that it's "smart" to put their business in the hands of integration solution providers that have years of experience, and a powerful platform that can keep up with any number of order document volumes.

Having a solution that is fully managed on their behalf means that the business is free to focus on other higher priority areas of business and can rest assured that their orders will keep on flowing without the need for human intervention. These smart businesses also know that they can add or remove connectors as their business changes or grows using a universal integration platform that can connect virtually any accounting/ERP system with the other business systems they are running.


With accounting integration, the business of selling is just simpler. There's no need to stress about orders getting lost or forgotten, as an automated system ensures that every order is processed quickly, and correctly. It also eliminates the need for a manual data entry person that may create costly errors for a business as a result of human error. Not to mention, what happens when a data entry person gets sick or goes on vacation?

A fully automated, bi-directional accounting integration solution makes sure that your business is always running smoothly. And, using an integration solution provider to implement the integration ensures that the setup is done correctly and will work the way you need it to.

Putting it All Together

The way your buyers are purchasing product is changing. Regardless of whether they stepped into your store, into a retail store, or surfed to an online shop, their demands remain high. Disappoint them, and they'll never come back. Delight them, and they'll tell their friends.

Faster, smarter, and simpler after the sale processing is king. Leverage proven technology to tackle the problem, and refocus on growing your business across channels and around the world.

eBridge Connections delivers cloud-based automation solutions for the retail landscape. With a platform that's fully hosted on Azure, eBridge is able to offer clients a fast and reliable solution to their retail and order entry headaches. Azure provides eBridge with the capability to support growing order volumes, enable clients to configure the connections they need in order to transfer documents quickly and efficiently, and expand their server capacity relative to transaction volumes. Thanks to Microsoft Azure's detailed reporting features, eBridge Connections can use data that is provided instantaneously in order to test server capacity and make adjustments as needed.

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