Guest Post: Azure Boosts Peak Performance for UberCloud Containers

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The following is a post by Wolfgang Gentzsch, Co-Founder and President of UberCloud, an online community and marketplace where engineers and scientists discover, try and buy Computing-as-a-Service

Founded in 2012 in Silicon Valley, UberCloud started with performing a series of cloud experiments (so far more than 170) together with engineers and scientists and their service providers to find out the major roadblocks on their way to cloud computing, among them security concerns, conservative software licensing models, massive data transfers, no easy portability, and losing control in the cloud. Based on the engineers' requirements UberCloud developed technical computing containers for hosting engineering application software, data files, and additional software tools. Doing so provided ease of software packaging and porting, seamless access and use of computing resources, and running with low overhead while remaining fully scalable on any on-premises and cloud computing resource.

With this new container technology UberCloud unites the technical computing community around one important question: Where can I get faster and more powerful computing power at a reasonable price to run my time-critical application simulation?

"We found the answer to this question six months ago when we joined the Microsoft Azure Partner Program," UberCloud CEO Burak Yenier said. "The combination of our engineering application containers and Azure's high performance cloud instances with high-speed processors, fast Infiniband interconnects, highly efficient RDMA communication, and GPU acceleration now provides ease of access and use to these powerful resources for engineers and scientists."

While the high performance benefit comes from the Azure cloud computing resources, containerized application simulation solutions enable user-friendly access and instant use of the fully integrated software-hardware stack and provide a common pay-per-use and on-demand usage model. Users just create their Azure account, access the Azure Marketplace, select their UberCloud simulation product, and they are ready to go.

Learn more about this easy process and how to achieve peak simulation performance on Azure in one of our Azure UberCloud webinars.

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