Guest Post: ConexAPI is Canada's First-Ever API for Numeris TV Data

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The following is a guest post by David Phillips, President & COO of NLogic, a provider of audience analysis tools for the television and radio broadcast industry and media agencies.

Today we're very excited to announce an API for Numeris TV data. ConexAPI lets clients integrate Numeris TV data directly into dashboards and internal systems, saving significant time and effort. For clients without dashboards, NLogic is working with industry partners, including Dapresy and DSI, who can help create beautiful, clear dashboards quickly and easily.

ConexAPI is linked to NLogic's proprietary data warehouse and is hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform, meaning the data accessed by clients is always up to date and accurate.

So, why do we think our API is the solution to your problems? Well, we're fortunate enough to have a very diverse set of clients, with different needs and opinions. And over this past year we have spent a lot of time listening to their needs and opinions, and this is what we heard.

One of the biggest problems is it's too difficult to pull together the various data sources needed to get a full picture of an audience. Clients have more data available to them than ever before, which is great in theory. In practice, what it usually means is lots of data in lots of different places. Putting it together is manual, slow and a pain. And when data is in lots of different places, it's hard to use it in ways that actually help make better decisions. Compounding that is the fact that when the data changes, it's hard to know if the data you've spent all that time pulling together is still accurate.

The second problem is way too much time is spent putting together standard reports. Downloading data, running reports, editing reports, exporting reports, editing them again, uploading reports into something else, then realizing you needed a different date range and so have to start all over again is painful for all concerned

To us, the solution was to develop an API to make our clients' lives easier. By allowing clients to inject the data they want, when and where they want it, ConexAPI will save considerable time, effort and worry.

We started with TV PPM data, but there's more to come. By the end of the calendar year, we're aiming to make radio PPM data available via API, and we're not stopping there. We're looking at adding in RTS, CMR, RADTracker and more – let us know what you need!

One development on the near horizon is programmatic TV, part of a general desire for greater automation in the trading process. With this in mind, we've begun discussions with key players in the programmatic TV landscape, including Videology and TubeMogul. As our industry rapidly evolves, we believe ConexAPI can be a catalyst to help our clients benefit from this transformation.

We'd love to talk to you more about how ConexAPI can help you. Please contact Michael Abraham at 416-847-2054 or via email at

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