Guest Post: Four Reasons Why Retailers Need to Get Their Cloud Transformation Under Way Now

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The following is a guest post by Abdulrahman E. Saleh, Content Strategist at EDRAK Software.

In the past few years, web-based, cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have ‎become more prominent as a viable alternative ‎for small and medium retailers. A good cloud ‎solution is a key tool for retailers to increase sales, ‎keep an overview of stock, and provide high-quality ‎customer service.

Retailers thinking about cloud transformation should consider these four common reasons for making the switch:

Required real-time data, to support decision making: For years, ERP systems relied on a data repression that looked like this: data input, data query, data gathering, final report (data funnel). Recently, this has been replaced by real-time ERP databases that perform the input, query, data gathering, and reporting in the blink of an eye. This new speed at which businesses can manage and understand their operations allows business to scale up and down to meet any need in no time.

Reliable financial reporting: Preparing a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement as well as the related disclosures and more is now easier and more stable thanks to cloud transformation. Retailers can easily generate beautifully designed and managed reports with real-time data records and business transactions to unleash income growth. The responsibility of upgrades, uptime, and security is not an issue, so all efforts can be focused on business matters.

Application availability assurance: Work from anywhere; a web browser and internet access is all that's necessary. Getting access to business information and checking reports using the mobile, tablet, or any other device can get things done on the go.

Cost reduction: Cloud transformation can reduce expenses. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model allows a customer to pay only as long as satisfied. The customer doesn't need to buy hardware to run a business, or to pay someone to manage anything. This massively reduces upfront investment.

Although the growth in adopting SaaS in the ERP field accelerated by 16.2 percent in 2015 according to IDC, 75 percent of all ERP projects will fail by 2018, reckons Gartner. So it can be difficult for retailers to ‎know which system they should invest in.

Microsoft partner EDRAK is one option for today's retailers. EDRAK Software deployed its Edara ERP solution on Microsoft Azure, implementing Azure App Service, Virtual Machines, Storage, and Automation Accounts. For more information on Edara ERP, visit

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    Berry Dillard

    Great Piece of Information. all the four point have strong reason and explanation. ERP Software are the soul of any organisation without them no operation can be carried our easily and efficiently. CHeck

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