Guest Post: OKN Delivers Cloud Platform for HR Management on Azure

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The following is a guest post by Miguel Valverde, Chief Executive Officer of OKN, a cloud-based technology platform that lets you manage and deploy your most strategic human recourses processes in a single system.

The OKN technological platform was created to answer the need for a product that provided efficient solutions to companies' HR management issues. Our cloud platform enables the comprehensive, flexible, simple and integrated management of the most important processes in this area. OKN technology has become the ideal solution for companies for managing key areas such as training, talent development and individual performance, whilst aligning their strategy, culture, processes and results in a single channel.

Since its launch in 2008 OKN has consistently experienced exponential growth, forcing our company to develop technologically in order to consolidate its international market. The structure of single tenant servers dedicated to each client became insufficiently scalable and obsolete. We needed a technology with high load capacity, high transfer rates, stability and the quick response of a clustered database system. This is why we now use Microsoft Azure, which from the beginning has met all necessary security and management needs, giving OKN seamless integration with our open source systems.

Using Azure allows our technology to make the most of the storage and computing capacity and enables maximum system performance. In an IaaS model such as OKN, the multi-master clustering system provided by Azure distributes the load between different machines, significantly improving the functionality of the platform.

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Our technology development has enabled many of our customers, including Vodafone, Repsol, Carrefour or LG, to save time and resources by avoiding the need to implement large traditional in-house integrated solutions. The SaaS model, which OKN now offers thanks to Azure technology, gives much more flexibility, facilitating easier integration with other corporate applications and providing high scalability.

With OKN, we allow whatever configuration best fits the needs of the business, whatever its size. Learning, Performance and Talent: three possible options easily integrated into a single state of the art platform with a flexible design and a high degree of autonomy and a quality user experience. Learning allows the thorough and smooth management of the training process and enables the customization and deployment of any training strategy. Performance supports the setting, appraisal and measurement of objectives, and the implementation of action plans to increase employee performance. And Talent is the configuration that maximizes the value of the processes and minimizes costs through the powerful integration of the two previous options, Learning and Performance.

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