Guest Post: RedPoint Global, Azure Bring PaaS to Marketing

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The following is a guest post by George Corugedo, CTO of RedPoint Global, which delivers world-class customer engagement and data management solutions that are consistently innovative, comprehensive and easy to use.

We at RedPoint have always believed in substance over marketing hype, to which our satisfied clients across the globe will attest. It seems the status quo for marketing technology companies today is to be loaded with hype, but they're not achieving what they originally set out to do, which is to provide a fully integrated online platform. This is why we are so excited to announce the availability of the RedPoint Interaction™ in the Azure Marketplace.

By partnering with Microsoft and tightly integrating into the Azure PaaS, RedPoint brings the perfect counterpoint to the "Frankenclouds" – marketing clouds that offer a disjointed suite of technologies that have been assembled through acquisitions and never fully integrated. In fact, they will never be integrated because it's just too hard to bring the varied architectures together. "Marketing cloud" is a term meant to obfuscate the complexities of using a broad suite of separate tools. The architecture of marketing clouds means marketers will need expensive help from managed service providers (MSPs) to successfully operate them.

A leading technology analyst firm recently cited RedPoint for providing a "broad marketing application portfolio on a one-code base"* enabling easy access to a spectrum of functionality across traditional and real-time digital marketing. The report goes on to state: "Many of these larger vendors are now touting their "marketing clouds" — which implies, and is often perceived of by clients to be, an integrated set of technologies offered on the same platform and code base with a SaaS deployment model. In reality, however, many of these acquisitions remain as silos and separate divisions by the acquired organization, with limited integration and a variety of different deployment and pricing models."* 

In addition, RedPoint provides a comprehensive data management platform that manages what is the lifeblood of marketing: customer data. Without fast access to quality data, marketers lose a competitive edge. No other solution on the market can make the same claim.

By partnering with Microsoft on the Azure platform, RedPoint offers a perfect counterpoint to the encumbered Frankencloud. RedPoint provides a highly integrated, data-driven marketing PaaS that is substantive and transparently connective with any marketing ecosystem. With this new partnership, RedPoint customers can take advantage of Azure services like Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which is blazing fast and seamlessly manages both structured and unstructured data in one logical database, without ever having to call an MSP.

So what does all of this mean to the marketer? It means they operate on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid, with a fully integrated platform they can run themselves. It means marketers have a solution that will prepare them for the current and unforeseen needs of the social media age so they can effectively engage with customers no matter the channel. It means marketers are ready to gain accurate insight and conduct immediate actions based on their ever-growing heaps of customer data. Ultimately, it means there's finally an opportunity to cut through the marketing hype, ward off the Frankenclouds, and start to execute truly modern marketing programs.


*The Impact of Market Consolidation on Integrated Marketing Management Applications, 10 August 2015, Kimberly Collins.

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