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The following is a guest post by Kevin Lee, Southpaw Tech Application Engineer. Southpaw Tech supports and enhances TACTIC deployments of any complexity anywhere in the world.

Regardless of industry, project, or size, there is a sequence of processes and events that occur in the production of any product. This sequence is called a workflow. Every company in the world has some way to manage theirs, be it an in-house solution coded by their IT group, or even something as basic as a scrum board for startup developers working out of their garage. 

TACTIC itself is an open source code base developed by Remko Noteboom (CTO of Southpaw Technology) after working on several similar custom workflow solutions at multiple companies. TACTIC uses a LAMP bundle along with Python and Javascript to build an in-depth library of workflow tools. After years of using TACTIC to develop custom solutions, TACTIC | Workflow was conceived as an end-all solution to worldwide workflow needs. TACTIC | Workflow is available to all Azure customers to solve any and all workflow problems.

What Does TACTIC | Workflow Do?

TACTIC | Workflow is a web application that handles and automates the nitty-gritty details of workflows such as task assignments, data flow, content creation, status change notifications, and so forth all within a central location. It is designed to facilitate large-scale collaboration on any project by appropriately connecting all levels of an organization involved on any one task. Through the use of Southpaw's pipeline technology tools, TACTIC | Workflow has the capability to emulate and execute any workflow imaginable.

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Why TACTIC | Workflow?

Easy to start: Upon loading TACTIC | Workflow, there will be quick start options to guide you on how to load up assets, create tasks, and begin your project.

Powerful and secure ingestion: TACTIC | Workflow has powerful and easy to use ingestion capabilities and can handle all kinds of assets, from text and images, to audio, to video. By handle, we mean effectively organize millions of files from over a decade of accumulated data and allow it to be used in as part of a workflow solution. 

Highly scalable: TACTIC | Workflow was built to handle massive influxes of users and data, having proven it can handle project sizes ranging from enterprise to a major visual effects studio, to small-scale operations. It has facilitated projects with hundreds of collaborators working across the world while tracking assets sizing in the terabytes.

Works on all environments: Yes. It's important to have your workflow accessible by everyone, and to ignore any environment would be a huge oversight.

Developer customizable pipelines: Our pipeline technology is highly customizable to be able to support any kind of workflow. On top of our default built-in functions, developers can write custom Python scripts to further tailor pipelines to do exactly what they want, and to do exactly what they need.

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Accessible support: TACTIC | Workflow has documentation to cover its key features and capability. Southpaw is happy to support all customers with any issues or questions regarding TACTIC | Workflow, and can be reached by phone or email during regular business hours. We are also running a blog series about our product and workflow topics in general.

Get Started with TACTIC | Workflow on Azure Today!

We at Southpaw are excited about the opportunities that come with our partnership with Microsoft Azure, and hope to help more people and companies modernize their workplace operation.

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