How Bentley’s Cloud Solution Has Proven Instrumental to the Success of Europe’s Largest Construction Project

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The London Crossrail railway project is the largest construction project in Europe. Bentley Systems facilitated Crossrail collaboration by bringing all data into a single location for storage, sharing, and management.

By using a hybrid model with Microsoft Azure, London Crossrail can work with their entire supply chain, using digital technologies to manage and join up the data that underpins the design, construction, and operation activities of an asset across its lifecycle from conception to decommissioning. This creates a "virtual railroad" where the existing infrastructure and future infrastructure could be viewed simultaneously.

Alan Kiraly, Senior Vice President of Asset Performance at Bentley, explained: "People have used 3D models to design stuff for twenty years. But we are making a comprehensive virtual world that depicts the terrain, the tunnel and all of the associated data."

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