Mailform Gives OneDrive Users Fast Print-and-Mail Capabilities

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Mailform has released support for one-click uploads from Microsoft OneDrive personal and business accounts to Mailform's flagship Quick Send and Bulk Mail products. Microsoft OneDrive users can now instantly and securely mail any letter-size documents in their OneDrive account storage using U.S. Postal Service first-class mail. 

Millions of individuals and businesses store and collaborate within OneDrive, and before, those customers had to take extra steps to get their content into Mailform, and make it available for printing and mailing. Now, those millions of documents are just a few clicks away from being physically sent to their recipients, with options including high-fidelity color printing and delivery assurance/document tracking using USPS certified mail.

"Small businesses today have less and less time to devote to their processes. Mailform's approach to bringing the print-and-mail process from offline, to online will save valuable time for tons of Microsoft customers using OneDrive, Word, and other Microsoft products," said Reza Alizadeh, director, business development at Microsoft OneDrive.

For more about how Mailform utilizes OneDrive to quickly send documents by first-class mail, read the mini-case study and press release.


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