Software Creative Uses Office 365 and Azure for LeaveApp

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Software Creative

Software Creative delivers applications that integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure for enterprises of all sizes. With LeaveApp, Software Creative offers a time-saving solution that makes planning, tracking, and managing staff leave requests straightforward and simple, and frees managers and staff from the burden and complication of manual leave-tracking processes.

"LeaveApp uses the convenience of Outlook to provide our joint customers with software that eases their everyday tasks," said Rob Howard, Director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp,

"We chose Office 365 integration for our LeaveApp solution because it meant we could host it with Microsoft Azure, which allowed us to make it available to a large audience without having to think about installation routines and server scaling," said Franz Kiermaier, CEO of Software Creative GmbH.

To learn more about how LeaveApp, Office 365, and Azure work together to help managers and teams to manage leave plans and requests for leave, read the press release.

Also, check out the mini-case study and datasheet for more information on Software Creative's LeaveApp and Office 365.


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